Spin Galvanizing

Spin galvanizing, also known as centrifugal galvanizing, is a specialized process used to provide a protective zinc coating on various metal objects. It is an efficient and effective method that ensures uniform coating thickness and excellent corrosion resistance. This article will delve into the details of spin galvanizing, its advantages, and its applications.

The Process

Spin galvanizing involves immersing the metal object into a bath of molten zinc, which is typically maintained at a temperature around 450°C (840°F). The object is then spun rapidly, using centrifugal force to remove excess zinc and achieve an even coating. The spinning motion helps to distribute the molten zinc evenly, resulting in a uniform layer across all surfaces, including corners, edges, and intricate details.

Benefits of Spin Galvanizing

Uniform Coating - The centrifugal force generated during the spinning process ensures a consistent coating thickness, eliminating the risk of thin or thick spots. This uniformity provides reliable protection against corrosion.

Enhanced Corrosion Resistance - The zinc coating acts as a sacrificial barrier, protecting the underlying metal from rust and corrosion. Spin galvanizing provides a high level of corrosion resistance, even in harsh environments, making it suitable for outdoor applications.

Complete Coverage - Spin galvanizing is particularly effective in coating complex-shaped objects. The spinning action allows the zinc to reach all areas, including recesses, holes, and hard-to-reach corners, ensuring complete coverage and protection.

Cost-Effective - Compared to other coating methods, spin galvanizing offers cost advantages. The process is efficient, requiring less zinc to achieve the desired coating thickness. Additionally, the uniform coating eliminates the need for additional touch-up work, reducing overall costs.

Applications of Spin Galvanizing

Infrastructure and Construction - Spin galvanizing is widely used in the construction industry to protect steel structures such as bridges, highway guardrails, transmission towers, and water treatment plants. The corrosion resistance provided by spin galvanizing extends the lifespan of these structures, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

Automotive Industry - Many automotive components, such as exhaust systems, suspension parts, and chassis components, undergo spin galvanizing. The protective zinc coating ensures durability and extends the life of these parts, especially in regions with harsh climates or exposure to road salt.

Agricultural Equipment -Farming equipment, including fencing, gates, and agricultural machinery, often undergoes spin galvanizing. The zinc coating protects these tools from corrosion caused by exposure to weather conditions, fertilizers, and chemicals.

Electrical Industry - Electrical utility poles, transmission towers, and street lighting poles benefit from spin galvanizing due to their exposure to environmental elements. The zinc coating provides a durable and corrosion-resistant layer, ensuring the longevity and reliability of these structures.

Architectural Applications - Spin galvanizing is also employed for architectural purposes, such as decorative elements, metal sculptures, and outdoor furniture. The corrosion resistance and uniform coating achieved through spin galvanizing help preserve the aesthetics and integrity of these objects in various environments.


The Arkinstall Approach

We have built solid partnerships over the many years we have been trading to give us assess to shot blasting, powder coating, larger galvanizing facilities, spin galvanizers and transport companies. Arkinstall have built an enviable reputation for Hot Dip Galvanizing based on more than 120 years experience and as privately owned company, we can offer a highly personalised service tailored to meet your galvanizing requirements.

Arkinstall realise that in today’s competitive environment, companies expect the best possible service from their suppliers. Therefore, we tailor our services to suit the exacting needs of our customers, with over 50% of the goods we produce being processed and dispatched inside of 24 hours.


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